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21 Best Sushi Spots In America

“… Sashimi looks like it was plated at the Louvre…”

Arigato was featured on Thrillist’s list of the “21 Best Sushi Spots In America” written by Kevin Alexander AND Liz Childers.

“Located on Santa Barbara’s bustling State St., Arigato’s all about sushi as art. This is a place where something as simple as sashimi looks like it was plated at the Louvre, where even things as simple as salmon are adorned with gorgonzola sauce and dill. That’s to say nothing of the not-sushi dishes like a plate of broiled scallops, shiitakes, and crab piled on sushi rice and lit on fire. Everything here’s a gorgeous spectacle. But spectacle’s worthless if the fish isn’t perfect. Lucky for you, it is.”




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